Green Bus

EPA Wins Suit, 2007 Standards Stand

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A federal appeals court rejected attempts May 3 by some engine makers and fuel refiners to squelch the Environmental Protection Agency's 2007 emissions requirements for diesel trucks and buses, adding yet another chapter to the long-running debate over diesel fuel and school buses.

Minnesota's School Buses Will Run on Soybeans

MINNEAPOLIS -- A bill requiring diesel fuel sold in the state to contain a 2 percent blend of soy or vegetable oil became law without the governor's signature March 11, making Minnesota the first state to mandate biodiesel in its fuel.

California Board May Dump Diesel for Good

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The Caifornia Air Resources Board will vote in March whether to repeal the current diesel-bus option and require state transit agencies to buy only natural gas and other alternate-fuel buses, venturing yet again into the sticky issue of diesel vs. natural gas.

Montebello USD to Use New Diesel Emission Reduction Service

LOS ANGELES -- The Montebello Unified School District will now utilize a newly developed technology from Krupp-Bilstein of America which reduces the toxicity of diesel engine exhaust. The Bilstein Industrial Engine Flush System circulates environmentally safe detergents within the fuel injection system, oil passages, oil galleys, and crank case area of a diesel engine, and through a series of "wash, soak, and rinse" cycles and ultra-fine filtration, evacuates sludge, particular matter, contaimants, and soot. These foregn elements can burn off during combustion, fume out the exhaust, and circulate into the air.

Fairfax County Study Finds No Environmental Risks in School Buses

SPRINGFIELD, Va. - An extensive, scientific study of a representative sample of 12 school buses in the fleet of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) concluded the concentration of diesel exhaust inside the buses is below the limits of detection. The study concluded, "Breathing the air on Fairfax County Public Schools buses poses no health risks to our students and staff."

California Air Resources Board Reverses, Approves Green Diesel

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California Gov. Gray Davis approved a $50 million allocation plan to help solve the possible hazard that school bus emissions pose to children's health. Diesel buses have been targeted as part of the problem, but the efforts of at least one engine manufacturer have turned a problem into a solution.

EPA Proposes New 2007 Diesel Engine and Fuel Standards

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With less than a month left in the Clinton Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency today announced a plan to combine cleaner diesel fuel and more stringent diesel engine emission requirements for trucks and buses. The plan will take effect in 2007.

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