School Bus Stock

Barry Stock knows a thing or two about going to work for a foreign-held, mega transport company.

With the pending merger of Laidlaw into the fold of First Group of Aberdeen, Scotland, which is expected to triple the school bus operations at U.S.-based First Student, it’s apropos Stock takes the reigns of the National School Transportation Association next month as its president.

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Back of the Bus: Real People, Real Stories

Look back on the last four years of ‘Back of the Bus’ and you will meet a warm, sometimes weird, but always wonderful collection of people, places and pieces of an industry we are all connected to in our own unique way. Whether it be some interesting insight from Glen “Clothman” Moyer or a story that one of us at STN found worthy of our home-baked little column, we have always tried to end the issue with something to talk about at the next watercooler roundtable or at least give you a something to keep you warm during those 5 a.m. start times.

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Looking at the Future

Apprentice programs form the next generation in pupil transportation.

In the Denver suburb of Thorton, Co., Dave Anderson, transportation director of Adams Five Star Schools, knows exactly where one of the tomorrow’s leaders in pupil transportation is: in his garage learning from his senior mechanics.

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