Large-Scale GPS Installs

If you’ve ever installed a stereo in your car, you know about all the little things involved: the connections that have to be made, the wires that have to be run, and so on. Imagine doing that more than 1,000 times. Now imagine having to communicate what your doing to a school district with 14 different transportation managers that have to worry about ferrying 170,000 students to 170 different schools.

21st Century Maintenance

When you picture a bus garage, what do you see? A couple of lifts? Tools everywhere? A wall of random parts?

The 21st century garage has expanded beyond paper work orders for minor repairs and outsourcing for the major ones. School bus technicians posses not only the technology, but the skills required to use what the industry has been readily offering.

Driving Forces in the School Bus Garage

There’s a place in Williams, Calif., a small town located north of San Francisco Bay, where the past meets the present in garage maintenance. Ted Campbell, owner of Coach Maintenance, takes pride in the lost art of restoring and maintaining historic buses.

The Future of the Yellow School Bus

It sounds like an classroom assignment that your child might work: Describe the school bus of the future. Would it have wings and fly from bus stop to bus stop? Would TVs be imbedded into every seat back? How about a robot driver to go along with Jetsons-esque space-age imagery?