Retread on Me

New tires or retreads for school bus fleets?

Are retreads safe and do they actually save money? Most fleet managers have a definite opinion on this question. If the answer is clear, why doesn’t everyone agree? Let’s examine the pros and cons.

Multi-Question Exam

Understanding school bus multiplex wiring issues

The average 1948 car had 55 wires with 150 feet of wiring weighing 10 pounds. By 1994, this mushroomed to 1,500 wires weighing 165 pounds with a mile of wiring. Besides adding weight and consuming space, complicated wiring harnesses brought assembly and maintenance headaches. The solution was multiplexing.

Industry Inflection

New Technology Can Only Improve Safety with Proper Training, Experts Say

Lights, camera … mirrors? These three components can work together to optimize school bus drivers’ field of vision around their bus, yet industry professionals agree that the mirrors are the most essential tool, combined with the proper training, to ensure that students stay safe.

It's in the Numbers

An aerospace engineer shows how match can forecast school bus service requirements, and save time and money in the process

2008 STN Maintenance Program Survey

Readers asked to describe the ups, downs and in-betweens of school bus maintenance programs

Has your transportation department gone paperless? Who inputs work order data? What influenced your maintenance program purchase? These were a few of the questions sought from the 2008 Maintenance Program survey. More than 120 mechanics, shop foremen and transportation directors submitted responses about purchasing, parts and paperwork.

Maintaining Quality, Assuring Safety

Nine Profiles in Fleet Maintenance Software

Over the last 10 years, fleet maintenance software has grown tremendously. More schools are using more programs with greater ease than ever before. New software can help transportation directors schedule preventative maintenance, prioritize repairs and maintain their inventories. Software can help transporters with limited time and tight budgets maximize efficiency and minimize cost while assuring the safety of students on board. School Transportation News contacted nine school districts using nine different programs to review their experiences with fleet maintenance software.

Clean Lift

Leaking hydraulic lifts mean its time for a change

For months, you’ve been slipping a few extra gallons of oil into your in-ground lift on the sly. You know that extra oil is going somewhere. It’s time to admit it: You have a broken, leaking lift, and you need to replace it.

REI Goes Digital

In an effort to reach even more industry personnel, Radio Engineering Industries (REI) has created not only a digital version of its catalog, but a YouTube channel on which you can see its products in action.