Clean Air: Florida Realizes Benefits of Advanced Air-Conditioning Training, Maintenance

Florida realizes benefits of advanced air-conditioning training, maintenance with roof-top systems Florida’s central Atlantic Coast is known for its sandy white beaches and, not far from sunbather’s paradise of Cocoa Beach, the John F. Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. With humidity in the Sunshine State often times in the neighborhood of 120 percent, it’s enough to make a mosquito wilt.

Training Day: STN Survey Shows Budget Woes are Trickling Down to Garages

School Transportation News set out to determine the current state of knowledge necessary for school bus maintenance staffs to remain abreast of changing and challenging bus chassis and body technology via the nationwide survey “School Transportation Maintenance Training.” More than 900 magazine subscribers were emailed six questions in January pertaining to what resources were utilized by their transportation departments to keep mechanics and technicians in the know. STN received a total of 142 responses, and the size of school bus fleets ranged from six vehicles to 9,887. The school districts and private operators that responded maintain anywhere from two other school district or “white fleet” vehicles to more than 3,000.

Training for School Bus Technicians

Multiplexing, EMS, ABS, LEDs and hybrids are now part of the school bus technician’s lexicon, and the sophisticated technology keeps coming. For instance, model year 2010 heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines, like cars and other light vehicles have for a couple of decades, are required to have onboard diagnostic (OBD) systems to monitor emission systems, alert drivers when faults are detected and store information to facilitate diagnosis and repair.

Give to Your Garage and Ye Shall Receive (a Better Batch of Buses)

You don’t know what you have until you lose it, and with the current state of the economy and its effect on school budgets, you might have to wait a while to get it back. That’s the message many transportation departments are keeping in the back of their minds, pushing many to become even more efficient with what they already have. Whether it’s solid preventative maintenance programs, up-to-date technical training or even a little help from some of the local “incarcerated” residents, school bus garages are working hard to keep the buses they have in top shape.