Preschool & Head Start

Impact of Head Start

On Sept. 1, 2016, the Office of Head Start and the Administration for Children and Families published a new final rule, the first update of its kind since 1998, that relects best practices, lessons from program input and innovation, and  integrates recommendations fron early childhood education experts. Included are revisions to transportation regulations. The implementation date for the final rule is Nov. 7, 2016.

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American Indian Head Start Program

American Indian Head Start supports a rich, diverse and unique Indian language, heritage and legacy. Programs are encouraged to integrate language and culture into their curriculum and program goals. There are more than 84 different Indian languages spoken in Head Start.

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Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

One of the major changes to the Head Start Reauthorization Act in October 1998 was the addition of services to Seasonal Farmworkers, their families and children.The program is designed to serve families who are engaged in seasonal agricultural labor, and may or may not change their residence to other geographic locations. The Migrant Program serves farm workers who move with the seasons.

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