Safety & Security

LAUSD Honors Safe Drivers

LOS ANGELES — In the 30 years that Clarence Hutchison has been the transportation services manager for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), he cannot remember when they have not held annual awards to honor their safest drivers. “We used to belong to the National Safety Council, but that became too expensive to maintain. So we continued on our own, keeping the basic premise of preventable and non-preventable accidents,” said Hutchison.

Replanting the Seeds of Success

In the two years since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, efforts to rebuild have been aided by a combination of community strength and strong leadership. School districts in these affected areas have pulled together to rejuvenate their buildings, programs and morale.

John Walsh: Parent and Protector

On July 27, 1981, John Walsh lost an irreplaceable part of himself — his son Adam. A little more than two weeks after Adam was abducted, Walsh learned his son had been murdered. During this life-changing experience, Walsh discovered a sorry truth about the world we live in and a name for those responsible for some of the most gruesome crimes that can be committed against the youngest members of our society — pedophiles.

School Buses Still Safer than Safe Routes, Reports Show

saferoutesWhile state and federal programs continue to advocate students walking and biking to school to achieve physical fitness and mitigate traffic congestion and resulting pollution, the children who utilize these modes of transportation are open to significantly more injuries and fatalities than if they rode the school bus.

A ‘John Wayne Dude’

STN EXPO Keynote Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré calls it like he sees it regarding the role of school buses in local, national emergency preparedness.