Safety & Security

$30 Million Grant Available for Safe Schools

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Local education agencies have until March 4 to apply for more than $30 million in grants for efforts at increasing school and community health and safety, including school bus camera installations and anti-bullying programs designed to enhance safety on the bus.

Video Outlines Causes, Effects of Children Left on Buses

A professionally-produced, in-service training video narrated by actress Lea Thompson of the "Back to the Future" movies with Michael J. Fox and an accompanying workbook drives home the importance of school bus personnel checking for sleeping students each and every day before leaving the vehicle and the end of shifts.

Loading and Unloading Survey Updated

The 2007-2008 school year was the safest year ever for children getting on and off the school bus, according to the results of the recently updated Kansas Department of Education National School Bus Loading and Unloading Survey.

School Buses Operating Near Mexico Border Cautioned

Amid escalating violence near the U.S.-Mexico border tied to the drug trade, the Highway Information Sharing and Analysis Center announced that bus drivers, bus companies and school administrations should take necessary precautions with any operations in the region.