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Tornado! Do Your Drivers Panic or Take Action?

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As the school buses depart for their afternoon routes, a tornado warning is issued for your county. Several routes will be in the path of this twister. Do your drivers have enough information today to respond and protect their precious cargo from one of the deadliest forces of nature?

The FMVSS System and School Bus Safety

The modern school bus era has been marked by federal rules, designated "FMVSS" for federal motor vehicle safety standards. These standards are the method by which the federal government regulates the safety of all motor vehicles sold for use in the United States. All vehicle manufacturers, whether they manufacture school buses, trucks, automobiles, motorcycles of other highway vehicles, must comply with the applicable FMVSS regulations. Once a vehicle is sold or leased, regulation of the operation of the vehicle becomes the responsibility of the states.

Security Onboard

The March 11 bombings in Spain in which 198 people lost their lives remind us that the world remains vulnerable to terrorists. 3/11 now joins the lexicon of 9/11 as the world community continues in a death struggle with terrorism.