Special Needs

Jacob's Ordeal

Special needs child draws national media attention

Jacob, a 9-year-old with Down syndrome was the center of attention on "Good Morning America" and CNN on May 7, 2003 . It was reported that his parents wanted to learn more about their son's ongoing reported misbehavior on his school bus. In order to do so they placed a tape recorder in his backpack.

Picking Your Battles

Recently I received a call from a frantic, newly appointed supervisor of transportation, who was overwhelmed by excessive calls from a parent of a child with disabilities.

Study Reveals Transportation Costs for Student with Special Needs

The American Institutes For Research (AIR) has recently released the report "What Are We Spending on Transportation for Students with Disabilities, 1999-2000?" As a part of the Special Education Expenditure Project (SEEP), this report provides special educators and transporters alike with an analysis of data collected during the 1999-2000 school year.

Can the District of Columbia Avoid Receivership for Transporting Students with Disabilities?

On the surface the announcement seemed a reasonable proposition. Officials with the Washington (D.C.) School District disclosed to the Washington Post details of a plan to pay parents of special needs children a stipend of between $3,000 to 7,500 per child, depending on where a child lives and goes to school, to transport their child to school. Their plan included sending a letter to parents notifying them of the proposed stipend.

Moving Forward with Pride: Transporting Students with Disabilities

Special needs transportation veteran Linda Bluth traces her history in the industry, and the major steps the United States has taken in realizing the importance of busing disabled students

Each of us has a marvelous tale to tell about how we arrived in the field of school bus transportation. Over the years, I have heard many wonderful stories from my peers at airports and at state and national meetings. Just yesterday, one of my staff members asked, "Bluth, what is this fascination you have with the yellow buses? How did it get started, and what could be so interesting?"

Taking Inventory of Available Special Transportation Information

Over the past 20 years, I have received hundreds of interesting calls requesting technical assistance from scores of individuals including, but not limited to, legislative members, government officials, lawyers, press, state and local directors of both transportation and special education, parents and advocates.