Head Of The Class

Depending on whom you talk to, the language used to reference their operation and maintenance has evolved to include GTC (Ground Traffic Control), TCU (Telematics Control Unit) and MRM (Mobile Resource Management), among other things. They can indicate the requested status of any part of their operation, and in some cases, they can even give voice to their responses. These solutions tell us who their occupants are, where they’ve been, where they’re going and how quickly they’re getting there. They can even tell us where it hurts.

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Locking Up the Cloud

“Clouds” have ushered in landmark technology to education communities but also flurries of debate within corporate, legislative and legal forums. Student privacy and safeguarding student data, especially on the school bus, have become the year’s hot topic.

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Wi-Fi Now an Option for Iowa School Buses

Iowa recently updated its state school bus specifications and added Wi-Fi Internet to its list of approved list. Now local school districts must decide how they oversee access.

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UltraLED Announces Halogen to LED Warning Light Upgrade

WILLIS, Texas - UltraLED, Inc . recently announced the release of the H3X LED upgrade. The Halogen to LED Warning Light Upgrade uses the same concept as their Stop Arm LED Upgrade bulb, using the existing fixture for a direct interchange, making a quick and easy upgrade to LED technology.

New Allison FuelSense Transmission Coming to Blue Bird

Blue Bird said FuelSense, the next generation in fuel savings released this summer by Allison Transmissions, will be a standard offering on all Vision and All American models with Cummins ISB6.7L diesel engines and Allison's 2000 Series transmission.

Standard FuelSense features 5th-Generation Controls, EcoCal and Dynamic Shift Sensing to improve fuel economy by 5- to 15-percent. EcoCal is formerly known as low speed shift schedules and is a defined set of low and "super" low speed shift schedules designed to keep the engine speed at its optimum point. Dynamic Shift Sensing, or LBSSS/ABMS/SESS, automatically selects between EcoCal or a higher-speed shift schedule.

Blue Bird said it is also offering Acceleration Rate Management, a feature of FuelSense Max formerly known as VAC, as standard on its three large bus models. FuelSense Max offers 8- to 20 -percent fuel economy increases by incorporatinng all of the standard features as well as those of FuelSense Plus, which promises fuel economy increases of 6- to 18 percent by adding neutral at stop, or RELS and ECLR.

Blue Bird said more information on FuelSense and its availabilty to customers will be shared at a later day. Allison announced last month that it is also partnering with Thomas Built Buses to offer the standard FuelSense as well as the optional FuelSense Plus and FuelSense Max.

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