Masonlane's Sunray Routing Application Adds New Key Features

Phoenix, AZ – May 19, 2015 - Masonlane, LLC has announced today the Sunray – Pupil Logistics and Operations Management cloud-based application has added new key features and functionality which include; Independent Shell (iShell) modularity, developed by Masonlane, and GPS Tracking capabilities with Followmee.

Seon Purchases School Bus Routing Company

In acquiring the net assets of routing company U.S Computing Inc., Seon announced it would continue to invest in developing and growing the transportation software company. Officials also said they would be servicing these customers under its own vMax Compass brand name.

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Illinois School Bus Chooses Diga-Talk for Reliable Fleet Communication

JOLIET, Ill., — Illinois School Bus has announced its official switch to the nation's largest digital two-way radio network, Diga-Talk.  To date, 191 Illinois School Bus school buses are now relying on Diga-Talk to communicate and stay connected, with student safety at the forefront of their minds. Illinois School Bus is one of the 18 subsidiary school bus companies operated by Cook Illinois Corporation, the largest family-owned school bus contractor in the U.S.  Each subsidiary of Cook Illinois Corporation shares the same mission: "To transport the youth of today in a safe, efficient and friendly environment."

Total Cost of Ownership

It’s farther down the road for schools buses to adapt technologies that are becoming commonplace in the consumer automotive sector — such as next-generation connectivity and sensing leading to autonomous vehicles. But advanced technologies are already proving themselves for the school transportation niche and helping fleet operators drive down costs. 

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