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Booth Rental Details

All 10x10 booth rentals include aluminum piping; 8-foot-high back drape; 3-foot-high draped side rails; one (1) 7x44-inch identification sign; one (1) 6-foot draped table; two (2) chairs; and wastebasket. Carpet and electrical is not provided as part of the basic contract. *Larger booth sizes recieve additional table and chairs.

See our Booth Regulations.


Decorating Company

GES is the official decorating company for the 2018 TSD Conference. GES will be responsible for event freight and will control the handling of all demo vehicles and loading docks on-site. Should exhibitors choose not to ship to the GES warehouse in Dallas, STN, the producer of the TSD Conference, will not be responsible for materials and delivery to their booths. Each exhibitor’s event contact will receive a customized exhibitor service kit from GES approximately 90 days from the event.


Exhibit Services

Exhibitors will be responsible for contracting any exhibit services needed, such as electrical, sign hanging, booth carpet, high-speed Internet and booth cleaning. Forms for all services will be included in the exhibitor service kit distributed after registration or at Please be aware of the deadlines associated with these orders.


Demo Vehicles

Exhibitors bringing a demo vehicle for their booths must have their vehicles conform to local fire marshal restrictions and must be scheduled with GES to get a specific time for placement. SPACE IS LIMITED. There is no additional charge for a vehicle(s) in an exhibitor’s booth.


Booth Contact

To ensure your company receives all-important information, STN requires you to designate one booth contact person. That person will receive all event information and will be responsible for disseminating it to the correct people within your company.

Exhibitor Prospectus

General Exhibit Space

Booth sizes for the TSD Conference Trade Show will range from 10x10 feet and 10x20 feet, to 20x20, and larger. Applications for booth space must be completed using the registration form below.


Trade Show Hours:

Sunday, 3/11, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

Monday, 3/12, 9:30 a.m.-1 p.m.


Booth Pricing

10x10 - $1,875

10x20 - $3,475

20x20 - $6,275

20x30 - $7,575

20x40 - $9,275

35x40 - $12,975


New Exhibitor Lead Capture Add-on Available

$150 per Device


2018 Exibitor List

List to come

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Booth Space

Booth Space