Forbes Profiles Book by STN EXPO Keynote

Forbes Profiles Book by STN EXPO Keynote

STN EXPO keynote Dave Jaworski’s book, “Microsoft Secrets,” made a list compiled by Forbes of summer reading for marketers.

“Microsoft Secrets: An Insider’s View of The Rocket Ride from Worst to First and the Lessons Learned on the Way" came in at number nine on the Top 12 list released on Sunday. Contributor Kimberly Whitler, who compiled the list, writes that business and technology leaders and influencers with “a growth mindset” might benefit from reading Jaworski’s account of success, failure and try-again stories of Bill Gates and the Microsoft team.

Additionally, she writes the business leaders looking for ideas and strategies to take their organizations to new heights, as well as people passionate about personal development, are likely to benefit from “Microsoft Secrets.”

As detailed in this month’s issue of School Transportation News magazine, Jaworski was the third employee at Microsoft Canada, and eventually became general manager of all U.S. sales operations. He also received the first-ever Chairman’s Award of Excellence from Gates.

Jaworski told School Transportation News that student transporters can take risks without compromising child safety, such as by stepping outside of their view of themselves as solely being transporters.

“STN people are a consistent face to our children over many years,” he said. “They can impact our children’s lives by being fully present to students. We will discuss many additional examples at STN EXPO.”

Jaworski provides the STN EXPO opening keynote address the morning of July 15 in Reno, Nevada. See the detailed conference schedule.

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