November 2018

November 2018

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Photo by Erwin Harrison, Courtesy of Blue Bird Corporation.

Nicole Portee of Denver Public Schools personifies industry leadership. Here she poses with several of the district’s school buses with the Mile High City skyline in the background.


Cover Story

Conquering Rocky Challenges
Nicole Portee of Denver Public Schools is named Transportation Director of the Year, in recognition of using school bus service for increased student achievement and of identifying solutions to driver shortages.



Embracing Route Optimization
Improving vehicle utilization with routing is ensuring students are properly accounted for—and that they make the journey to and from school safely, while also helping school district budgets.

Open-Architecture Video Security
School districts look to transform their video surveillance into a district-wide security strategy, and vendors stand at the ready with the latest IP technology to do the job.


Special Reports

Buckle Up for Better Behavior
While the “Great Seat Belt Debate” continues, school districts that have adopted three-point restraints say student discipline on the school bus ride is improving.

Finding Time
School districts report that increasing the number of hours that are available to school bus drivers is helping with retention, as opposed to simply increasing pay rates.





Trends in 3-point Belts

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Thought Leader by Dean Suhre
Improving Fleet Vehicle Utilization

First Take by Ryan Gray
A Yellow Bus Who’s Who

Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
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