Bitimec’s Cost-Effective Wash-Bots Win Over School Bus Operators

The before and after demarcation point is pointed out. The before and after demarcation point is pointed out.

Bitimec’s Wash-Bots have become the ‘go-to’ machines nationwide for affordable school-bus washing. The ingenious Bots are simply walked around the vehicle, as ‘they’ apply soap, rinse-water and power-brush, all at the touch of a button. The small footprint systems do not need a dedicated building and can be tucked out of the way when not in use. Wash-Bots ‘mechanize’ the wash process and remain under the operator’s control for the best possible results in 6-8 minutes per bus.

The Wash-Bots line is available with several power options. Hard wired for fixed wash bays are ‘plugged-in’ to water and power with the electric cord and water hose hung on a trolley line over the vehicle and out of the way. Portable diesel, battery and hybrid powered models provide ‘wash anywhere’ convenience. Pioneered exclusively by Bitimec, portables have their own power, traction drive, water and pre-soak tanks, and can perform a bus wash anywhere on a paved surface.

Maintenance is simple, taking 10 minutes per quarter, no more than an hour per year. Pricing is affordable and across much of the US. The units are sold by Thomas Built Bus and Stertil Koni dealers.

Last modified onWednesday, 19 September 2018 16:02