Motorist Stops School Bus & Climbs on Hood

Motorist Stops School Bus & Climbs on Hood

 Dashcam video captured an usual incident that confirms the strange things school bus drivers can encounter every day, reports the Associated Press.

A school bus driver was traveling along the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton, Massachusetts, after concluding his afternoon route on May 1, when a motorist changed lanes in front of him and stopped his vehicle. The man exited the car, walked to the front of the bus and began yelling at the driver, Joe Rizoli.

The video shows the man yelling at Rizoli and motioning to the loading door before walking to the aide of the bus. Then he walks back to the front and climbed on the hood before getting off and walking to Rizoli’s side window.

Rizoli told reporters that the man kept asking why the bus’s windows were tinted and if there were students on board.

State police said a 42-year-old Boston man was issued a court summons to appear on charges that included disorderly conduct and negligent operation of a vehicle.

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