Parents are Dropping Off Their Children to Avoid Bus Route Stops

Parents aren’t happy despite a Georgia school district’s attempt to cut down on school bus travel times, by implementing centralized bus stops, as opposed to the previous practice of individualized door-to-door pick up, reports CBS 46.

Some Douglas County Schools bus routes used to take 90 minutes each way to get students to and from school. The district said the combined bus stops will cut back on the amount of time students spend in the bus.

Parents, however, were outraged after the announcement, for fear of their children’s safety. The centralized locations require some students to walk along busy highways, or in one circumstance, wait for the bus near a registered sex offender’s house.

Parents main fears include children walking over half a mile to get to the bus stops, children being kidnapped, or being hit by cars while walking along highways.

To put their minds at ease, many parents are now dropping off and picking up their students directly from school, creating a line of cars at school campuses that can stretch up to three miles.

The school district said it is working on correcting the issues. 

Last modified onTuesday, 21 August 2018 11:09