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Transporting students with disabilities can be a challenge. Here are some of the ways that attending the 2020 TSD Conference & Trade Show can help you take advantage of a wealth of knowledge to jumpstart your career to the next level. From comprehensive expert industry training, driving competitions, networking with peers and a world-class trade show, we’ve got you covered. We truly hope to see you there!

About the Conference

The Transporting Students with Disabilities & Special Needs National Conference, started by Roseann Schwaderer and held annually since 1992, offers workable solutions and practical answers to pressing questions about transporting students with special needs — from preschool to adult transition services. It also is designed to increase safety for this special student population as well as make local operations more efficient and effective.

This year’s TSD Conference will feature dozens of education sessions and workshops, hands-on training, a trade show, and a roadeo competition. This competition features more than two-dozen teams whose skills and training are tested in order to crown the nation’s top special needs school bus driver and attendant.

Hands-On Training, Valuable Networking and Community Building

The TSD Conference each year welcomes hundreds of professionals nationwide who take advantage of specialized, in-depth curriculum on the policy, practice and operations of transporting students with disabilities and special needs.

Attendees include:

  • School district transportation directors & supervisors
  • State agency representatives
  • Safety trainers
  • Special education professionals
  • Behavioral therapists
  • Physical/occupational therapists
  • School nurses
  • Child passenger safety technicians
  • Private school bus company employees
  • Head Start/child care professionals
  • Presidents/Executives/CEOs

TSD Conference Overview

Roadeo Competition

Held at the outset fof the TSD Conference, this driver and attendant competition, presented by School Transportation News and organized by industry group Women in Transportation (wit.). The competition will take place Saturday, March 21 at Frisco ISD. It will welcome teams whose skills and training are tested, in order to crown the nation’s top special needs school bus driver and attendant.

Trade Show + Networking Event

The TSD Conference also offers an evening networking event along with a trade show, which will feature more than 70 manufacturers and suppliers. These companys will exhibit and demonstrate the latest products, solutions and services that target special needs, disabilities and preschoolers.