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(Free White Paper) FirstAlt: Enhancing Student Transportation

FirstAlt, a First Student initiative, offers a comprehensive K-12 transportation solution that integrates traditional school bus services with alternative transportation options. This approach ensures reliable and efficient transportation for all students, including those with special needs, McKinney Vento students, out-of-district students, and those in remote areas.

Key features include customized transportation plans, unified operations, enhanced safety protocols, and advanced technology integration. FirstAlt emphasizes rigorous training and safety for its drivers, ensuring high standards through comprehensive training, strict requirements, drug and alcohol testing, and continuous background checks. The proprietary technology facilitates proactive trip management, real-time GPS tracking, and seamless coordination for districts and parents.

Benefits of integrating FirstAlt with traditional bus services include improved coordination, cost-effectiveness, enhanced student experiences, and flexibility. Additionally, FirstAlt has cooperative purchasing agreements with Equalis Group and Sourcewell which help streamline the procurement of products and services by leveraging the collective purchasing power of their members.

Case studies from Community High School District 94 and St. Joseph School District highlight the success of FirstAlt’s unified approach in enhancing student transportation and transitioning students back to traditional school buses.

Through these integrated solutions, FirstAlt ensures safe, reliable, and efficient transportation tailored to the unique needs of each student.

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