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(Free White Paper) Success = Award-winning Technology + Award-winning Customer Service

What compels a person to turn to an outside company for help? What are the key factors that drive that decision? What concerns do they have when they finally make that decision? And what keeps them assured they made the right decision?

Dr. Kerry Duskin knew when taking a position at Roosevelt Elementary School District #66 in Phoenix, Arizona, that he needed help. Even before starting the new job, he reached out.
His new district was like a giant puzzle or patchwork quilt of 19 campuses, multiple bell times, some schools with only walkers. On top of that, he faced a severe driver shortage with nearly two-thirds opting not to drive. All this at a district that was not using any routing software.

That’s what compels a person to reach out, an overwhelming task at hand. But school transportation officials want more than just tools to make their districts run smoothly, safely and efficiently. They want a partner.

What are those key areas that district officials are craving more than ever from service providers like Transfinder? It’s more than just getting someone on the phone when you need them. (And even that is a rarity these days). It’s more than just a friendly voice on the other line.

In this paper, you will see the ingredients in the Transfinder “secret sauce” that make us stand out in the school transportation industry. Award-winning, intuitive technology can go only so far. You need these ingredients too. Learn more.

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