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BusBoss Announces the Release of In The Weeds: Navigating Student & Route Management

PHILADELPHIA — Sonia Mastros, president & CFO of Orbit Software, launches a new book In The Weeds: Navigating Student & Route Management written by BusBoss.

Do you look at your routes and wonder how they ever got so complicated? Have you ever been stumped by how to route a transfer student? Is your day filled with putting out fires left and right leaving no time for anything else?

BusBoss understands all the challenges and nuances when it comes to getting all your students safely routed. We designed our software to assist you with those daily challenges that derail your day, and after listening to our clients, we feel we’ve learned a thing or two. This book is our way of sharing with you what we have learned so that you can navigate those busy times without getting lost … In The Weeds.

● This book is not just written by the President, but the entire BusBoss team, showcasing each individual, their position, and what they bring to the business.
● Signed copies of the book are available for purchase at a special request.
● Kindle and Paperback copies are available for purchase on Amazon.

“You will face challenges questioning everything that you have done,” Mastros said. “Stop questioning yourself. Get to the point that you take responsibility for your actions; be the leader you know you can be. Celebrate the wins and shake off the failures. Tomorrow is a new day.”

About BusBoss, Inc.
BusBoss is a software company that offers comprehensive and sophisticated school bus routing software packages for transportation directors and contractors to create optimized and efficient school bus routes for school districts. The founders of BusBoss, Sonia and George Mastros, present a philosophy that is based on collaboration and a can-do attitude.

Backed by our dynamic, multifaceted software, BusBoss is dedicated to superb service, great program prices, expert technical advice and extremely fast turnaround. Our staff has a deep commitment to professional, quality service, and our routing software offerings only continue to expand and strengthen as technology evolves.


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