Saturday, November 28, 2020


The Decimation of School Bus Contractors and the School Bus Industry

There was a time when being a school bus driver and transporting students five days a week elicited respect. Now with everything going on...

Reflection on Fox River Grove: What it Means Today

It was 25 years ago. I was in Orlando, Florida, attending the National Association of Pupil Transportation (NAPT) conference and trade show, ready to attend...
Chesapeake Public Schools is equipping its entire fleet of 583 school bus with stop-arm cameras to catch motorists who illegally pass the school bus. Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Public Schools.

A New School Year Filled With Safety Challenges

As a parent of a first-grader, the recent headline of a 7-year-old student being hit and killed by an illegally passing vehicle while attempting...
Stock photo of a school bus.

Student Transporters Discuss Embracing Change During Webinar

Following up on a panel discussion presented over the summer, some answers to transportation questions are finally falling into place, as students in some...
Sprinter waiting for start of race on running tracks at outdoor stadium. Sport and fitness runner man athlete on blue run track with running shoes. Banner panorama.

Winning the Race of Technology Strategy

In a normal year, our team at STN comes out of summer on a high. We would have produced three national conferences and put...
Businesswoman in having a video call on laptop.

Forced Innovation, Accessibility & Virtual Conferences

Have you ever wanted to attend a conference but didn’t have the time or resources to participate? Maybe one lucky person on your team...

November 2020

This month’s issue features articles on the transportation director of the year, Todd Watkins of Montgomery County Public Schools...

Buyer’s Guide 2020

Find the latest vehicle production data, state student ridership and budget reports, industry trends and contact information for state,...


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