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School Bus Evolution: Fleet for the Future

Unfortunately for the school bus industry’s public and private future, regulatory mandates and the current inflation driven economic environment will continue to drive up...
Students boarding school bus. Shutterstock photo.

TSD at 30: Much the Same Yet …

It amazes me that with so many challenges facing the industry in 2022, a look back 30 years reveals a similar landscape. Sure, the...
Fuel pump with money.

What to Know About Federal Fuel Tax Credit on Diesel

Not an exciting topic, but sure enough, not all new entrants into the motorcoach industry are aware of this federal tax benefit until they...

Back to the Basics?

“Technology Lessons Learned from Chowchilla,” (Ryan Gray, STN, September 2022), and various other School Transportation News articles describing the ever-increasing development, use of technology...
Crossing sign with school bus in background

Concerns About Getting Kids to School Safely

How was your first day of school startup? When you compare your first day of school to today, is there an improvement in performance,...

Competing Challenges

This year, I have had multiple conversations with school district transportation and special education personnel regarding safety versus the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act...

November 2022

Meet the 2022 Transportation Director of the Year, Jennifer Vobis of Clark County School District in Las Vegas and...

Buyer’s Guide 2022

Find the latest vehicle production data and budget reports, industry trends, and contact information for state, national and federal...


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