Friday, September 18, 2020

Special Reports

David Brewington, senior technician at the South Carolina Department of Education, said inspections and preventive maintenance schedules are two of the most important aspects of keeping fleets in working order.

Keeping Stride

Summer came early and abruptly, not only for the students and some staff members, but also for school buses. They were prepared to transport...

COVID-19 Uncertainty Keeps School Bus Garage Experts on Their Toes

While school buses that sit for an extended period of time don’t generate much concern from leading maintenance professionals, they indicated that unprecedented route...
Coronavirus disinfection. Quarantine in school, empty yellow school bus without children. Hazmat team in protective suits decontamination school bus during virus outbreak. Cartoon vector illustration.

COVID-19 Takes Industry to Cleaners

Pop quiz: What’s the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting a school bus? Not sure? You’re not alone. The confusion about what each means...

A Different Kind of Smoke on the School Bus

Do you know what’s in your student’s backpack? Their Starbucks cup or their pencil case? Have you smelled a fruity substance while driving? While...
A school bus driver at Diversified Transportation BC wears a face mask and shield, as British Columbia students load and unload the bus. The driver can not where the shield when they are driving. (Photo courtesy of Donna Holmgren.)

Screening Student Health Prior to Boarding School Bus Rife with Complexities

Among the biggest questions facing the industry as it proceeds into the new school year are how to determine if students have COVID-19 symptoms...
Street Sign New Way

Finding Direction

In April, John Benish, Jr., logged a multi-city flight from his home in Chicago to Dallas to Florida and home again. The first flight...

September 2020

This month’s issue features articles on school bus technology and how it plays a role amid the new coronavirus...

Buyer’s Guide 2020

Find the latest vehicle production data, state student ridership and budget reports, industry trends and contact information for state,...


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