Monday, April 12, 2021

Special Reports

Setting the Bar High

Fleet managers looking forward to a much anticipated, post-pandemic “return to normal” are likely to encounter some situations that will be anything but business...

Who’s On the Bus?

Pupil accountability is one of the greatest responsibilities of a school district. It is a key concern, as the whereabouts of students of all...
Two EMTs created a mounted electrostatic cleaning device that automatically coats all areas of the school bus, without the need of a driver or aide to be on the bus at the same time.

Is Cleaning School Buses as Easy as Flipping a Switch?

As reported in the March issue of School Transportation News, frequent cleaning is causing some school bus equipment to break down. Plus, with drivers...
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD in Houston is using the latest round of local voter-approved bond money to continue purchasing lap-and-shoulder seat belts, per Texas state law.

Study Outlines School Bus Seatbelt Policy Role in Improving Student Behavior

New research published by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concludes what many student transporters with seatbelt experience already know: Besides protecting students in...
Series with multi-ethnic group of teenage students boarding and on a school bus. Images dealing with wearing face masks to avoid infection or transmission of disease.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask … No School Bus Service

What started last spring as local and state decisions to require masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on school buses has turned into...
Closeup of Ben Franklin on a one hundred dollar bill for background IV

It’s Not Only About the Pay

When it comes to transportation operations, mechanics are oftentimes the proverbial glue that holds school bus operations together. Without a properly working vehicle, student...

April 2021

This issue of School Transportation News contains articles on upcoming school district budgets, contractors, illegal passing, and more. Read...

Buyer’s Guide 2021

Find the latest vehicle production data and budget reports, industry trends, and contact information for state, national and federal...


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