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Endera Announces Expansion of its Research and Development Facility

POMONA, Calif. – Endera, a technology company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure and software solutions, announced the expansion of its research and development (R&D) commercial facility space in Pomona, CA.

The expanded commercial space is uniquely suited to electric vehicle (EV) design and testing, and its location in Pomona, California is geographically convenient for attracting Southern California’s top EV engineering talent. As the market for medium-duty vehicles grows, Endera offers career opportunities for EV technicians, as well, both locally and nationwide.

“Endera is committed to testing and producing state-of-the-art, high-quality commercial EVs at a synchronous pace with the demand from our customers,” said John Walsh, Endera’s Chief Executive Officer. “By building out our R&D footprint and facility space in Pomona, we can accommodate the rapid growth of our engineering team. We will meet the accelerating demand for our vehicles, while maintaining our reputation for creating the best products on the market that set the standard for reliability, safety, and quality.”

The company recently unveiled its own all-electric powertrain for class 3 and 4 shuttle buses, school buses, and box trucks. Endera’s expansion plans coincide with the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act, (IIJA) signed into law in November 2021. Among other programs aimed at rapidly deploying clean tech and accelerating job growth, IIJA allocates $2.5 Billion exclusively for electric school bus procurements, and another $2.5 Billion dedicated to alternative fuel schools buses, including EVs.

About Endera:
Endera is a technology company, specializing in smart electric commercial vehicles, charging stations and software solutions. As an end-to-end electric commercial vehicle supplier, Endera provides vehicle design and technology. Made in America, Endera delivers one of the lowest total costs of ownership over other commercial electric vehicles and provides sustainable solutions that rival its fossil fuel counterparts in price, technology, longevity, profitability and service. To learn more, visit


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