Management Partnership Services, Inc. Forms Strategic Alliance with Education Compliance Group, Inc.

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Management Partnership Services, Inc. (MPS) is excited to announce that it has expanded its service offerings through an alliance with Education Compliance Group, Inc. (ECG). In addition to its traditional offerings of routing reviews, cost analyses, and operations assessments and outsourcing feasibility, MPS will now be able to offer its clients additional expertise in legal issues, compliance monitoring, and human resource management through its agreement with ECG, Inc.

“The ability to call on the skills and expertise of subject matter experts such as Peggy Burns, Mark Hinson, and Mike Burns among others will enhance the value of MPS’ consulting services to our clients,” said Tom Platt, President of MPS. “Issues of cost control, legal compliance, operations issues, technology implementation, and management strategies can all be addressed through the unique combination of experts from MPS and ECG,

“Our continuing efforts to assist school districts and transportation providers across the United States and Canada as they relentlessly focus on maximizing effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring statutory and regularity compliance will be greatly enhanced by this affiliation between the two companies,” Platt noted.

For more information on this topic, please contact Tim Ammon, Vice President of Management Partnership Services, Inc, (888) 518-3377 ext 702,

.Management Partnership Services, Inc. (MPS) provides student transportation consulting services to school districts large and small with bus fleets ranging in size from as few as 10 buses to those with over 1,300 buses moving more than 100,000 students each day. MPS has conducted over 200 consulting projects of various sizes and types for more than 150 clients in 23 states and provinces across the United States and Canada.

Education Compliance Group, Inc. (ECG) provides a wide variety of services designed to ensure that educational administrators understand their obligations related to student transportation and student management, and potential legal ramifications of their actions and inactions. ECG has been a leader in educating transportation personnel on the legal and compliance issues associated with special needs transportation and in establishing policies and procedures for transportation service providers.