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School Districts Can Now Save Money With ALC for “Alternative Student Transportation”

ST. GEORGE, Utah — ALC, a national passenger transportation management company serving transit agencies, school districts and the healthcare industry, today announced The Cooperative Purchasing Network’s (TCPN) lead government agency, Region 4 Education Service Center, has awarded it a national transportation contract.

TCPN is a national governmental purchasing cooperative that has contracts with national vendors for commonly purchased products and services allowing entities to make compliant purchases at a valued rate. Region 4 Education Service Center was established in 1967 by the State of Texas under Chapter 8 of the Texas Education Code. Through its national transportation contract with TCPN, ALC can now provide school districts throughout the United States with “Alternative Student Transportation” services.

“ALC is honored that Region 4 has chosen to award us a national transportation contract,” said Craig Puckett, president, ALC. “When school districts contract with ALC through TCPN, they are able to save costs associated with the competitive bidding process, while reaping the benefits of nationally leveraged pricing, at no cost to the district. With our TCPN contract in place, we are looking forward to the prospect of helping a growing number of school districts nationwide experience the ‘ALC Difference,’ when it comes to meeting the special transportation needs of the students and families they serve.”

For more than a decade, ALC has focused on fulfilling school districts’ special transportation needs through the delivery of safe, reliable and high quality alternative student transportation services. Because ALC focuses only on special transportation needs, it can provide a level of personalized service found nowhere else, including parent/guarding meetings; real-time accountability; and, the ability to match each student with the right vehicle. ALC is also the only pupil transportation solutions company to be designated a “Recommended Service” by the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT).

“TCPN is proud to partner with ALC for alternative transportation services. ALC’s specialized solutions for students with transportation needs are available through this contract which was publicly solicited by a lead government agency, Region 4 Educational Service Center,” says Chris Penny, Vice President of TCPN. “ALC has a proven track record of helping school districts streamline their resources while providing outstanding service levels for the children they are transporting.”

To leverage ALC’s national contract with TCPN, school districts must be a member of TCPN, and membership status can be verified by calling (888) 884-7695. Once membership has been confirmed by TCPN, a school district can contact an ALC representative for more details at (866) 999-3371. To contract with ALC, school districts must first submit a purchase order, referencing ALC’s TCPN contract number, R141501, and stating “Per TCPN Contract.” If the school district is not a member of TCPN, online registration is available at For more information, visit or

About The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)

TCPN is a national governmental purchasing cooperative, established in 1997 whose contracts have been competitively bid and awarded, by a governmental entity serving in the lead agency role, to national vendors for commonly purchased products and services, including facilities, furniture, office supplies and equipment, security systems and technology. Entities that must comply with purchasing procedures mandated by state laws and regulations, like public and private schools, colleges and universities, cities, counties, nonprofits, and all governmental entities, use TCPN contracts to increase their efficiency and economy when procuring goods and services. As a national purchasing cooperative, TCPN leverages one of the largest pools of purchasing potential and allows agencies to receive a combined buying power regardless of the entity’s size. For more information about TCPN or to become a member, please visit

About ALC

ALC is a national passenger transportation management company serving transit agencies, school districts and the healthcare industry. ALC leverages proprietary transportation management and route optimization technology to manage dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles across the United States, providing high quality, innovative transportation services that raise the bar for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, driver safety and accountability.


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