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Newport News Launches School Bus Safety Program with BusPatrol to Protect Students at Bus Stops

The school district’s 340 buses have been modernized with advanced safety technology including cloud-connected stop-arm cameras to catch drivers that illegally pass stopped school buses

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Newport News Public Schools and Newport News Police Department today announced the launch of a new school bus safety program in partnership with BusPatrol.

As part of the BusPatrol safety program, all 340 NNPS buses have been outfitted with cloud-connected stop-arm cameras, 4G LTE connectivity and additional safety cameras providing a 360° view for school transportation officials. Newport News Public Schools’ bus fleet has been modernized with safety technology at zero cost to the school district, city or taxpayer. The school bus safety program is entirely violator funded.

The program aims to improve school bus safety by reducing the number of stop-arm violations and encouraging drivers to be aware when school buses are on roads. Starting on Monday March 15, 2021, automated enforcement technology will be active and will help change driver behavior.

According to data from the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation (NASDPTS), drivers illegally pass stopped school buses more than 17 million times a year in the US. The BusPatrol safety program in Newport News is set to reduce the number of illegal passings in the city to ensure children can get to and from school safely.

The full launch announcement can be viewed here:

“Newport News Public Schools is proud to partner with BusPatrol to help protect over 24,000 students who ride our school buses every day. This partnership will encourage all drivers to be more cautious around school buses,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. George Parker. “Student safety is our first priority.”

“We are pleased to be able to work with Newport News Public Schools to help keep children safe as they travel to and from school. No parent should have to worry about his or her child’s safety. With the technology that BusPatrol is bringing to our city, our hope is to eliminate stop-arm violations altogether. Your child’s safety is our priority,” said Chief Steve Drew.

“We each play an important part in making sure our young people get to and from school safely,” said Mayor McKinley Price. “I’ve heard from parents, siblings, family members and concerned citizens about drivers not stopping for our school buses. This initiative from BusPatrol will help us hold drivers accountable and protect our city’s most valuable resource, our children.”

Jean Souliere, CEO at BusPatrol, said: “Newport News Public Schools has taken a proactive step to prioritize student safety while buses have been off roads. This means that when students board the bus to school, they will be protected by some of the most advanced safety technology out there.”

He added: “The pandemic has forced many schools to rethink their approach to health and safety. Our zero-cost solution means that schools can upgrade their fleets and put safety first, without having to spend thousands of dollars on new tech.”

Passing a stopped school bus with its flashing lights activated and stop-arm extended is illegal in Virginia. Drivers must stop for a school bus approaching in any direction so that children can get on and off safely. Failing to do so will result in a minimum penalty of $250 for a first violation when captured by the BusPatrol program.


BusPatrol is a safety technology company with the mission of making the journey to and from school safer for children. BusPatrol’s safety program changes driver behavior and creates a culture of awareness and responsibility around school buses. In addition, it provides accessibility for school districts, consortiums and municipalities to modernize their entire school bus fleets by outfitting them with the latest stop-arm, route planning and route execution technology. Learn more at


Newport News Public Schools, located in Coastal Virginia, serves nearly 28,000 students in 42 schools. With magnet schools, specialty academies, advanced educational technology, youth development initiatives and supportive partnerships, the school division is ensuring that all students graduate college, career and citizen-ready. For more information, visit


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