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Truck and Engine Manufactures Support EPA’s Cleaner Trucks Initiative

CHICAGO — On November 13, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its Cleaner Trucks Initiative. This initiative includes a future rulemaking to establish updated standards to address oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from the engines of heavy-duty on-highway trucks.

The Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) supports this initiative. Over the past 20 years, EMA manufacturers have innovated and implemented advanced clean technologies to reduce NOx emissions by over 90 percent and particulate emissions by over 98 percent. EMA’s President, Jed Mandel, stated, “our members continue to increase fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions in line with standards that will continue to challenge us through the next decade. EMA members are ready to build upon these successes to achieve even greater reductions.”

Mandel added, “The Cleaner Trucks Initiative is a tremendous opportunity. We—EPA and the manufacturers—have done this before, and we’re ready to step forward to do it again. We ask the Agency to follow that same successful roadmap by leading a collaborative, open regulatory process involving all stakeholders.”

It’s been 20 years since EPA last set NOx emission standards for heavy-duty truck engines, and those standards were set in accordance with a certification and compliance program architecture that evolved from roots established almost 40 years ago.

“EPA’s proposed Cleaner Trucks Initiative provides the opportunity to move from a prescriptive-based compliance program to one that is performance-based,” stated Mandel. “By doing so, we can achieve deeper real-world NOx reductions, implement modern in-use compliance protocols, and streamline current redundant regulations.”

Adopting a national program with sufficient regulatory lead time, stability and certainty will be essential to provide a clear path for EMA manufacturers to succeed. Mandel explained, “By working together, we believe we can reduce emissions and improve and streamline the compliance program while at the same time preserve the necessary diversity of the commercial vehicle marketplace and protect the needs of our customers for durable, reliable products.”

About the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association

The Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) represents the world’s leading manufacturers of on-highway and nonroad internal combustion engines and on-highway medium- and heavy-duty trucks. EMA works with government and industry to help the nation achieve its goals of cleaner air and safer highways, and to ensure that the standards our products must meet are technologically feasible and cost-effective. Through continuing improvements in engine technology, emission controls and safety systems, EMA’s members remain the leaders in providing clean and efficient engines and vehicles that enhance both environmental protection and public safety.

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