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New ‘Bus Talk’ Video Series Tackles Electric School Bus Questions

A new YouTube video series produced by Highland Electric Fleets aims to demystify electric school buses (ESBs) by addressing frequently asked questions.

The first episodes of “Bus Talk” were posted Wednesday on the Highland Electric YouTube page. The company added that each episode of “Bus Talk” will provide foundational facts about ESBs while striving to undue misconceptions, “from what it really takes to charge a fleet of buses to range anxiety, cost savings, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) use cases, and more.”

The series features Sean Leach, Highland’s director of technology and platform management, and Tim Shannon, director of facilities, planning efficiency and transportation for Twin Rivers Unified School District in Sacramento, California. Special guests also join the duo.

Shannon and his transportation team have more experience operating ESBs than anyone else, as Twin Rivers was the first school district to implement the vehicles in 2017.

Highland said the series was inspired by Click & Clack’s “Car Talk.”

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