Online Calculator Provides Estimated Sleep Deficiency Costs

Sleepy man yawns

The National Safety Council and other groups claim that the cost of sleep deficiency in the U.S. topped $410 billion dollars in 2015. Meanwhile, fatigue and sleep deficiencies have struck over one-third of the country, or 34.8 percent.

A new tool, the Fatigue Cost Calculator, was released earlier this month by the National Safety Council and Brigham Health Sleep Matters Initiative. According to those organizations, the online calculator uncovers what fatigue is costing your workplace.

The free calculator can generate a tailored look at the cost of sleep loss and sleep disorders, the percentage of workforce suffering from sleep problems and cost-savings of sleep-health programs.

Sleep deficiency is equivalent to 2.28 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, those organizations claimed.

For instance, the famous research organization, Rand Corp. in Santa Monica, California, estimates that people who sleep less than six hours per night lose an average of six full workdays per year.

In addition, people who sleep an average of six to seven hours per night, lose 3.7 workdays per year.