Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Tropical Storm Hermine Floods Southeast, Schools Closed

Dozens school districts across Central Florida and the panhandle were closed Friday after Hurricane Hermine barreled in from the Gulf of Mexico.

The Florida Department of Education was also closed. Kevin Snowden, the state’s director of transportation, told STN that at least 51 county school districts were closed on both Thursday and Friday.

“As far as relief efforts for school transportation, I am not aware that any resources have been tapped as of yet,” he added. “Word is optimistic that schools will be open next week for most.”

By Friday afternoon, Hermine had weakened into a tropical storm, according to the National Weather Service, but still brought heavy rainfall and winds as it proceeded through Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Southeast Virginia. At 5 p.m. Eastern time, the storm was centered over Charleston, South Carolina.

The South Carolina Department of Education closed at noon, local time, due to the inclement weather conditions. Additionally, at least nine county government offices closed at mid-day, according to the state’s Emergency Management Division.

Meanwhile, many schools in North Carolina adjusted their schedules Friday for early dismissal.

The region remained under a strong wind and flash flood advisory, with the National Weather Service extending a tropical storm warning to Delaware and New Jersey.

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