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Your School Bus Operation May be Eligible for COVID-19 Funding Relief (Case Study Download)

Learn about applicable technology and what this technology can mean for your school district during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

If there is a silver lining for school districts as it relates to COVID-19, it’s that GEER and ESSER funding provide a viable route for school districts to purchase specialized solutions to aid in the response to COVID-19 risks today while effectively positioning the school district for easy functionality updates tomorrow.

Download this free case study to learn more.

The intrinsic value of each of these systems can be increased by using several in combination, or through a fully integrated connected school bus that makes use of video surveillance, cellular communications, vehicle tracking and on-board computing for an enhanced ability to manage the risk of COVID-19 and drive safety and efficiency gains beyond the threat of the pandemic.

A school district could choose to implement a fully integrated bus today, or select one or two systems now and add additional solutions at a later date in a phased approach to achieving a fully connected bus and the ability to offer the following enhanced services:

  • Quick and accurate response to situations as they emerge
  • Improved social distancing measures
  • Accommodate frequent school bus route changes more efficiently
  • Better protect students outside the bus
  • Enable various hybrid/distance learning models
  • Ensure the proper sanitation of school buses


Congress approved a second pandemic relief bill with $81.9 billion dedicated to help support educational institutions – including a $1.3 billion Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER), and a $54.3 billion Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER).

GEER and ESSER funds could be used to help your school district invest in new technology to support social distancing initiatives, help ease school bus routing challenges, better protect students outside the bus, enable various hybrid learning models, ensure the proper sanitation of school buses and help you make quick and efficient risk reduction measures to emerging situations as they occur.

Download our case study to learn:

  • How Lauderdale County used CARES funding to purchase Wi-Fi Hotspot routers for their fleet.
  • Why accessing CARES Act funding is easier than you think.
  • Which funding-eligible technology will continue to increase student safety and fleet operational efficiencies post COVID-19.


Learn more about GEER and ESSER funds and the Safe Fleet Technology Solutions that help schools respond to COVID-19.

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