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Alleged Sexual Assault Reported on Kansas School Bus

Renwick Superintendent Tracy Bourne confirmed within her statement released today that a possible sexual assault involving students on a St. Marks school bus occurred yesterday, the Wichita Eagle reports.

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the incident. Sheriff Jeff Easter said the alleged assault involved two students and was reported Thursday night. Though details were scarce, the sheriff’s office confirmed that the school is in the City of Colwich.

Bourne added on Friday, ”I can confirm that an incident involving students occurred on a St. Marks bus yesterday. The bus was returning from a field trip when the incident occurred. The administration was made aware of the incident and has followed BOE policies and State Statues in handling the situation. The investigation is ongoing, and we are working with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s office. In protecting student confidentiality, we can’t provide any additional details surrounding the incident.”

He added that, “Renwick is a great district, St. Marks has a strong tradition of excellence, and we have outstanding students. Tight now the district focus is on making sure that our students have their social, emotional, and educational needs met. As always our first priority is the safety and security of our students.”

No other information has been released by either the school or sheriff’s office since Bourne’s statement.

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