Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Student Fires Airsoft Gun in School Bus, but Causes No Injuries

A Jefferson, Missouri school bus was unexpectedly delayed on its afternoon route on Aug. 22, after a student brought an airsoft gun on board and fired it, striking three students, reports the News Tribune.

The Jefferson City Public Schools student fired the airsoft gun as the bus was transporting students home after school. The three students suffered no injuries.

The school bus driver pulled over to allow law enforcement and school district personnel to address the student’s behavior.

The incident was under review and no disciplinary actions had been released at this report.

The airsoft gun falls under Missouri state law’s definition of a pellet gun and other nonfirearms that can still cause serious injury or death. The airsoft gun is also defined as a projectile weapon under the school district’s policy on “Weapons in School.” It states that the student could be suspended or expelled from school and/or lose school bus transportation privileges.

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