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School Bus Logistics Launches RouteHub for Route Management Services

DENVER — School Bus Logistics, LLC., the leader in logistics consulting and support to school districts across North America, has released its RouteHub software. Established in 2010, School Bus Logistics (SBL) has helped school districts optimize routing, to aid in budgetary efficiencies and safe transportation of school children.

RouteHub is a custom-built, online portal to communicate, store, and manage all of a district’s routing information. The portal also serves as a communication tool between districts and their assigned route logistics specialist. In addition, districts are able to add, change, and delete students in the portal, thereby eliminating the time of faxing or mailing-in request forms that are currently in use.

The portal is an additional feature in use with SBL Route Management Services, a turn-key routing solution for districts that maintains routing safely and efficiently. Through this offering, they eliminate inefficiencies, reduce overall routes, and increase school districts’ savings—which is especially crucial in this time of driver shortages. By streamlining how bussing is handled, routing can function at 100 percent.

Stephen Huntley, executive director at Valley Opportunity Council in Holyoke, Mass., said, “For years we struggled with adding and removing children from our routes—while satisfying our parent’s needs. Robert and the School Bus Logistics team quickly cut the number of vans on the road, reducing our cost, with far fewer complaints from parents. He was able to do this remotely from Colorado, while we are in Massachusetts. It felt like an extension of our internal team.”

“Through Route Management Services, and the new RouteHub portal, we are able to provide schools with complete turn-key routing. We can quickly build, develop, and manage all routes and student changes, as well as handle the maintenance and upkeep of their current routing software,” said Robert Jacobus, CEO and founder of School Bus Logistics, “Because of this, we can cut routes, adjust bell times, and save districts money.”

SBL plans to attend several trade shows this year, including the NAPT Conference, www.naptconference.org

During these events, they will showcase Route Management Services, which provide districts with complete turnkey routing with a focus on improving customer service to schools and families.

About the Company

School Bus Logistics was created in 2010 to provide logistics consulting and support to school district officials and school bus contracting companies. With more than 60 years of combined routing software experience and routing operations, SBL’s focus is solely on pupil transportation routing, and the challenges it brings to school districts and the communities they serve.

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