Mother of Boy Killed in Indiana Bus Crash Files Lawsuit

The mother of 13-year-old Owen Abbot has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after her son was killed when his school bus was rear-ended at a railroad crossing, according to

Abbot and his classmates were on a field trip to go see a Christmas musical.

The lawsuit was filed against the truck driver, Tylor Perry and his employer, National Rent A Fence Company.

According to the broadcast, the lawsuit alleges reckless driving and driving in a negligent manner, and it claims that the driver failed to stop for the school bus at the railroad crossing.

Perry reportedly has not been arrested or cited at this point.

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The school bus was stopped at a railroad crossing between Argos and Plymouth, and was preparing to accelerate when a truck driver rear-ended the vehicle.

This is the second fatal student crash to hit Indiana in the past five weeks. It follows three siblings being killed by an illegally passing vehicle while crossing a street to board their school bus.