Special Needs

Lowering Costs by Sizing Up the School Bus Ride

Choosing the most efficient school bus type to use, especially at the start of the new school year, can be one of the toughest decisions to make for transportation departments when attempting to trim budgets.

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Travel Training: Teaching Independence

With all the facets involved with the training drivers and monitors on special needs, its should be no surprise that there is one type of training that involves not only the transportation department, but the students, their parents and public transit agencies. Travel training, as it is commonly known, teaches individuals with disabilities to use public transportation independently. In New York City, the department of education’s (DOE) program helps its students make a transition from the yellow bus to the many different options available, whether it be the subway, city bus or dial-a-ride.

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Bus Drivers Need to Understand the Difficulties of Tourette’s Syndrome

People pass judgment before they know the whole story. For example: A new student is added to one a route, and the driver immediately notice there is something different about him or her. The child may twitch nervously in their seat, or they may blurt out inappropriate comments without cause. What appears to be bad behavior is sometimes something that is uncontrollable, often times a disorder commonly referred to as Tourette’s syndrome.

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