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Georgia School Bus Crash Video Footage Released a Year Later

Almost a year after a Murray County School bus driver in Georgia hit a ditch on a narrow road, video footage of the incident was released, reported WTVC News

On April 24, 2023, the Murray County School bus crash resulted in 12 students injured on board.

On April 17, almost a year after the incident occurred, video footage released shows the exact moment when the bus driver lost control.

The students were calmly riding the bus for one second, then the next second they were bouncing and being tossed around inside the bus as the vehicle hit the ditch. It did not appear children were wearing seatbelts.

There are two videos shown from inside the bus. One shows the driver in the front of the bus as he takes his eyes off the road for a quick moment to bend down and pick up a band instrument that was sliding forward, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

The other camera angle shows the children in the middle of the bus moving around following the crash. One student is seen being thrown from their seat, hitting the roof of the bus and landing in the center aisle. The students can be heard crying out in pain as the bus comes to a stop.

According to local news reports, a settlement of more than $800,000 was reached between the school system and the family of a student who broke her hip during the incident.

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