June 2016

    On the Cover: From left, Michael Tornabe, Joe DiGiacomo, Corey Muirhead and Michael Cordiello help steer Logan Bus Company. It takes a lot of determination to operate school bus service in New York City. But by staying true to family values and always striving to do the best job possible for students, Logan Bus stands out among 80 local school bus contractors and many more that are vying for a piece of the Big Apple.

    For more than 40 years, family-owned Logan Bus Company has navigated the busy streets of New York City
    Wi-Fi on the school bus provides students wither greater opportunities for success and rural communities with better access to the Internet
    Do ride-hailing programs from companies like Uber and Lyft threaten school bus services?



    STN Online

    Q&A: NYSBCA’s Michael Martucci on driver shortages, seat belts and ride share programs

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    Small and smart strategies for attracting bus drivers

    Short-term leases offer long-term benefits

    Communication and GPS solutions for student transporters can help simplify and solve many issues

    ACT Expo extols virtures of alt fuels


    Driver salaries and benefits


    School bus industry gives back to local communities in ways that may be unknown to the public


    ‘The Rookie’ Jim Morris to keynote at STN EXPO on keeping promises, pursuing goals and mentoring others


    First Take by Ryan Gray

    Thought Leader by Stephen Satterly: Knowledge Made Possible by Enhanced Communications Equals Power

    Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin