Thursday, June 8, 2023
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LiquidSpring CLASS Suspensions for Forest River Buses

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — CLASS suspensions from LiquidSpring, LLC. are now available for all Forest River Bus Products, and are featured in a new literature sheet, the company announced today.

These suspension systems offer reduced road vibration and a smoother ride for passengers, providing a more enjoyable and less stressful ride. Variable stiffness and damping are adjusted automatically; they are instantaneously based on road conditions, without driver intervention. Other features include kneeling, over-height capability, and a user-friendly driver interface. Forest River is now offering these suspensions as options for any new bus product.

LiquidSpring, LLC. offers its CLASS suspension products for several light and medium-duty truck applications such as ambulances, shuttle buses and motorhomes. The products have demonstrated significant ride and handling performance improvements over conventional steel and air spring suspension systems. Other products are available for Class 3-7 trucks. LiquidSpring provides sales, application guidance, manufacturing, distribution and service of CLASS suspensions. Also find LiquidSpring on Facebook and Twitter.

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