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Notifications Available to Renew N.Y. CDL Medical Certs

New York state Commercial Drivers License and Commercial Learner Permit holders can now sign up online for electronic notifications to alert them when it is time to renew their medical certifications, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has announced.

The New York DMV made the announcement on Thursday, in an effort to provide more convenient access to important information for the state’s commercial drivers.

“We all depend on the work of commercial drivers when our children take the school bus, when we utilize public transportation, or when we shop in stores or online,” stated Terri Egan, DMV executive deputy commissioner. “Commercial drivers are vital to our economy and our way of life. The DMV is excited to launch these initiatives to ensure that they do not miss important deadlines, and to allow them to get the information they need on their own driving records quickly and easily.”

CDL and CLP holders in New York can now sign up for electronic notifications to alert them when it is time to renew their medical certifications.

DMV officials stressed that all CDL holders are required to obtain Medical Examiner’s Certificates and certain drivers must have Medical Variances. These certificates must be kept updated with the DMV, it was noted. “Changes must also be updated with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA),” DMV added. “If a driver fails to maintain current certificates, their license or permit could be downgraded to a noncommercial class, which could impact their job status.”

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CDL holders can now access copies of their driver abstracts, or driving records, through DMV’s online MyDMV program. These capabilities will benefit over 425,000 CDL holders statewide.

To make it easier for drivers to know when it is time to renew their medical certificates or variances, they are now able to sign up for email and/or text notifications. Once they complete the renewal process, they will receive a second alert that confirms their certificates or variances have been updated. If they do not update their documents by the deadline, CDL will receive an alert that their license or permit has been downgraded.

Drivers can enroll in the Electronic Reminders system by completing an online form at the DMV website. Upon completion, drivers will receive all types of notifications sent through the system. DMV officials said this includes license and registration renewal reminders, plus notices when their vehicle inspection is about to expire.

In addition, CDL abstracts, or driving records, are now posted online and include expanded driver history information that is normally not included in a standard driving record. Those histories are records of convictions, suspensions, revocations and other licensing actions, which DMV must retain as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. Medical certification information is also available online.

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