Navistar, Technical Schools Address Garage Shortage

Navistar logo over grille of IC Bus

Amid a growing school bus and truck driver shortage nationwide, transportation garages are also suffering from a lack of skilled workers. Navistar announced a new partnership that addresses the skilled worker issue.

The manufacturer of International trucks and IC Bus school and commercial buses said on Monday that it is launching the Navistar Service Essentials Program, to help qualified technical schools better prepare the next generation of truck and bus technicians.

In keeping with its corporate “Uptime” theme, Navistar’s program offers interactive training courses and software solutions to technical schools that partner with International Truck or IC Bus dealers. Topics include: engine diagnostics, vehicle health reports, electrical systems, control module programming, and parts and service informational tools.

“As we focus on growing customer uptime, Navistar and our International Truck and IC Bus dealers are all committed to combating the industry’s growing technician shortage,” said Michael Cancelliere, president of Navistar’s truck and parts division. “The new Navistar Service Essentials Program provides software and other solutions that will enhance the learning experience and attract additional students.”

He added that students benefit the most when their technical schools have partnerships in place with dealers that are focused on driving continual, improved vehicle maintenance.

“That’s why Navistar, our dealers and technical schools are establishing a three-way partnership committed to back up this new program with real-world, practical experience. This approach will accelerate progress and put more students on a path to enter this vibrant and essential technology profession,” he said.

Technical schools can apply by emailing Navistar or calling 800-336-4500, option 4.4. More information on vocational school accreditation is at: