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Making School Bus Disinfection Systems More Accessible

Creative Bus Sales has partnered with CleanSpray Technologies to offer the patented CleanTransit automated vehicle disinfection system. The CleanTransit spray system is designed to reduce labor costs and get transportation fleets cleaner, faster.

In the new world of social distancing protocols and a heightened focus on cleanliness, the demand for disinfection and cleaning practices has reached an all-time high. Cleaning products are largely backordered, and manufacturers are experiencing a strain on production as lead-times are being pushed out at astonishing rates.

Ryan Frost is the south region general manager of Creative Bus Sales, the nation’s largest bus dealer for over 30 years. He related that their clients have been in search of “a safer disinfectant that causes no harm to children or adults, as well as non-toxic to the environment and harmless to vehicle safety mechanisms.”

In addition to effectively killing bacteria, Dr. Richard Cooper, expert in microbiology and chief science officer at CleanSpray Technologies, explained that “the fact that the disinfectant is a naturally derived product makes it safer than many of the harsh chemicals that we have previously relied on to achieve the same bacteria reducing effect.”

The partnership between CleanSpray Technologies and Creative Bus Sales will allow customers a variety of options to upgrade their cleaning practices to a technologically driven solution.

CleanSpray uses an all-natural, plant-based liquid disinfectant. The liquid is pumped through the proprietary CleanTransit fogging system that incorporates tiny nozzles installed in the cabin of the bus, each providing 180 degrees of coverage, and a control unit which stores conveniently under the back seat.

“This on-demand spray system and all-natural disinfectant synergize to provide a fast and effective way to reduce bacteria growth on the high touch-points of buses, as 90% less growth was seen the next day,” Dr. Cooper stated.

Watch as he explains how the system works, below. (Article continues after video.)

Using the CleanSpray system, a fleet of school buses can be completely disinfected in as little as 30 seconds by simply pressing a button.

With training direct from the manufacturer, Creative Bus Sales can provide new buses with the on-demand spray system already installed, or have the system incorporated into an existing vehicle, as well as provide refills & service to the system over time.

“This will greatly aid our clients by lowering the workload on their drivers, and improving health standards on their buses,” Frost explained.

To find more information on the benefits of adding the CleanTransit spray system to your fleet, visit or call Creative Bus Sales 888-633-8380 to be directed to your local branch.

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