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10 Reasons To Choose the Cloud for Your School Bus Operation

‘The cloud’ is ubiquitous. Chances are, you are cloud computing without even realizing it. That new podcast? The new article on stop-arm solutions? Viewing your health records online? You are utilizing ‘the cloud’, or internet, to obtain data stored elsewhere.

Now apply this thinking to your school bus operations. Imagine having access to all your fleet information without having to manage the server? It is possible, and school districts across the country are realizing the benefits of ‘the cloud.’

What is its potential impact on your operation? We have provided 10 benefits of cloud computing below, but the number could be even greater depending on the scope and complexity of your operations.

1. Transition to the cloud is effortless

Cloud service is a turnkey solution. Minimal or no effort is required by you or your IT resources to initiate service. Your host begins the data migration from your server to theirs. They are the experts and monitor all technical and procedural requirements to ensure a successful transfer.

2. Data is stored and backed up

Natural events, like floods, storms and the ensuing power outages, have the potential to wreak havoc on servers and their data. With cloud service, you can rest assured that your data is backed-up for safekeeping, maximizing your uptime.

3. Data is available 24/7/365

Though your data is stored off-premises on your host’s server, you may access your data anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection. Around-the-clock access is invaluable, especially for issues requiring resolutions in a timely manner. Knowing that you have constant, reliable access to your data can help ease the worries of everyone involved.

4. Easy to learn

As with all things new, there is a learning curve. The learning curve needed to access your data remotely via the cloud is short. A few conversations with your host will typically allow you to navigate the necessary steps, allowing you to access your data easily and quickly.

5. Convenience and security

Scalability and software updates for your server are administered by a knowledgeable IT staff, eliminating the stress and uncertainty experienced by you and your team. You have peace of mind knowing that details are handled correctly, in a timely manner and by individuals with experience. Even more, because the duties are handled by a cloud service, your IT resources are minimized.

6. Cost savings

Storing your data on a host’s server minimizes or eliminates the need for additional infrastructure and IT resources by your company. Cloud hosts provide the necessary hardware and personnel, meaning you save on expenses.

7. Time savings

Free up time for you and your IT staff to perform other key, operational tasks affecting the efficiency and productivity of your fleet. Your cloud host will handle the server management duties previously conducted by you and your associates.

8. Greater peace of mind

Rest easier knowing your server is continually updated, monitored and managed by experienced IT professionals. If problems do arise, your host’s personnel will address the situation promptly, relieving the worries of you and your company.

9. Fewer responsibilities

Your data’s security and management are no longer your responsibilities. They are supervised and administered by your cloud host whose experience can lead to faster problem resolution and reduced downtime.

10. Maximized uptime

Cloud hosts consistently monitor your servers to ensure reliable, 24/7/365 performance. Maximized uptime means less downtime and the potential for a more efficient, productive and streamlined fleet operation for you.

Finally, before you select a cloud service host, it is paramount that you research the provider to assess its reputation and capacity to meet your objectives and needs. Think of your host as a partner you can trust.

Learn more about REI’s cloud-based solutions at www.radioeng.com.

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