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Mom Protests School Bus Fee at Crete Public Schools in Nebraska

Crete Public Schools has a “4-mile rule,” that if you live 4 miles or less from a school, you can be bused for free. However, for anyone living further than 4 miles, the district offers to bus the children for however much officials see fit, reported 1011 Now news on June 27.

The district website states the district implemented this plan in 1998, and requires families living outside of the 4-mile limit to pay $300 a year for their children to ride the school bus. The “4-mile rule” is used under state law, according to the article.

One mother, Mishelle Kortus, lives 3.9 miles from the school and can’t afford to pay for her child to ride the bus. With her working schedule, she is also unable to take the child to school, 1011 Now said.

Kortus started a petition to protest the rule and has been going door-to-door collecting signatures. She reportedly averages 12-19 signatures per hour. At the next board meeting on July 8, Kortus plans to turn in her signatures.

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