Three-Vehicle Crash in Canada Sends 67 Kids to the Hospital

Burnt school buses
Two school buses in Canada were involved in a collision, sending both buses up in flames. (Photo courtesy of

Two school buses were involved in a collision on July 23 in St. Eustache, Quebec, Canada in eastern Canada. Both vehicles caught fire and 67 elementary children were sent to the hospital as a precaution, reported the Montreal Gazette.

Traffic on Highway 640 caused a sudden slowdown, causing the driver of one school bus to rear-end the car in front of it, which was then rear-ended by the second school bus that was behind it.

One school bus caught fire, then the flames spread to booth school buses and they were both reportedly destroyed. A total of 83 children were in the buses, with 67 taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

None of the drivers were reported injured, but two adult monitors on the school bus suffered slight injuries. The school buses were a part of a day camp, on their way to an outing, the article reported.