Seat Belts

Seat Belts


One of the hottest issues in pupil transportation remains whether or not some form of seat belt, or as they've come to be known, occupant securements systems, should or should not be installed on all school buses. The federal government has weighed in, requiring three-point, lap-shoulder belts in all newly manufactured small, Type A school buses as of September 2011. But the remain a voluntary option on large school buses.

While California is the only state to have implemented a three-point law for all school buses, these lap/shoulder belts appear to be gaining ground.two-point lap belts remain a possibility for large buses. Four states still have laws on the books requiring new buses be purchased with lap belts, but many school districts nationwide can elect to pass their own policies and regulations.

Listed in this section are some of the most complete compendium of articles and resources dealing with the controversy of equipping school buses with seat belts versus relying on the compartmentalization, or protection, of children between cushioned, high-back seats during a crash.




Greyhound Takes Lead on Motorcoach Safety

Greyhound announced that coaches equipped with the new Premier seat by SafeGuard that promises compartmentalization for both restrained and unrestrained passengers are hitting the road.

NTSB Pushes Harder for Motorcoach Seat Belts

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — National Transportation Safety Board Acting Chairman Mark Rosenker made a gamble of his own in Atlantic City by calling on the members of the Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association to voluntarily equip their motorcoaches with occupant restraint systems.

Department of Ed Seeks Review of Seclusion, Restraints Policies

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Education Secretary Arne Duncan sent a letter last week to chief state school officers asking them to review current policies and guidelines regarding the use of restraints and seclusion techniques used on students and to develop or revise them accordingly to ensure safety.

NAPT Advocates Scientific Approach to Seat Belt Issue

ALBANY, N.Y. — With the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s rulemaking on school bus occupant protection coming sometime in early 2009, NAPT applauded a forthcoming Alabama study on the practical aspects of installing lap/shoulder belts in large school buses, the first of its kind nationwide. But NHTSA, NAPT said, still has many questions to answer.

Scotland Leans Towards School Bus Seat Belts

ABERDEENSHIRE, Scotland — In Aberdeenshire, one of the 32 unitary council areas in Scotland, regional officials are contemplating a move to install seat belts in all of its area school buses, according to the BBC.

Wyoming Seat Belt Bill Moves Forward

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — What could be the nation's third school bus lap/shoulder belt requirement went to a House hearing in Wyoming after passing the Senate by a 23-7 vote.