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Micro Bird: Electrification, Growth and Efficiency

DRUMMONDVILLE, Quebec — The addition of the new wing at Micro Bird’s Drummondville plant is now in full operation. This important investment allows the company to expand their facility to a total of 200,000 square feet and supplies state of the art equipment to their workers. This significant improvement also allows the company to achieve continuous growth while reducing its environmental footprint.

Image courtesy of Micro Bird by Girardin

Electric buses and Sustainable Development

Micro Bird’s expansion will allow for increased production of electric vehicles and alternative fuels, thereby consolidating its leadership position in North America. Girardin and Blue Bird are the only ones to offer a full line of electric and alternative fuel school buses.

“As an undisputed leader in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in school bus transportation in Quebec and North America, Girardin and Blue Bird are proud to constantly deliver eco-friendly solutions that are sustainable and financially viable to its customers and users’’, proudly implies Steve Girardin, President.

Steve Girardin, President of Micro Bird by Girardin (Image courtesy of Micro Bird by Girardin)

Also, Micro Bird will reduce its carbon footprint by bringing its warehouse in-house, within the same facility. By eliminating 18 daily transports to supply the assembly line, the company will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 35 tons per year. Solar walls were also installed to capture solar heat and redistribute it throughout the building. By leveraging this renewable source of energy, Micro Bird will maintain an improved air quality within the building reducing its carbon dioxide emissions.

State of the Art Equipment

It is very important for Micro Bird to offer its employees a healthy and safe environment. We are convinced that our performance is strongly impacted by the well-being of our workers and the new installations will help to enhance and achieve that goal. It is important to emphasize that Micro Bird has greatly involved its employees in the development of the expansion project, primarily in the development of design thinking, because the comfort and wellness of its employees are two major priorities for the company.

Image courtesy of Micro Bird by Girardin

Image courtesy of Micro Bird by Girardin

Growth and Efficiency

Micro Bird has always focused on quality and innovation which has built their success for
the last 55 years. The expansion will provide Micro Bird with the means to better serve its customers and continue its growth. With a new wing dedicated to paint and various mechanic operations, the company will now manage 100% of their process under the same roof and reduce its production process by up to 70%. For Steve Girardin, “this is a substantial improvement of our production cycle as we continue to grow in our current and new markets with improved operational efficiency.”

About Micro Bird

Since its beginning in 1966, Girardin Minibus became an established brand in the market
thanks to its products, superior quality and dealer network. A partnership dating over 55
years in the bus market, Blue Bird and Girardin joined forces to add the minibus to
reinforce Blue Bird presence in the small bus segment.

In 2009, Blue Bird became an equal shareholder of Girardin Minibus, now known as Micro
Bird, combining the reputations and experiences of both Blue Bird and Girardin. Ten years
later, Micro Bird’s 500+ employees take pride in being the established North American
Type A reference and market leader with plans to keep growing and raising the bar.

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