Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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School Bus Driver Leaves 4-Year-Old Girl On School Bus

A former Milwaukee, Wisconsin school bus driver is facing one count of neglecting a child after leaving a sleeping student onboard a school bus, reported KOLD 23 News.

Lamonica Langston, 44, was supposed to pick up a 4-year-old girl on Jan. 6 and drop her off at a Spanish Immersion School. However, the girl fell asleep and never made it to school.

KOLD reported that Langston parked the bus with the child still on board. She is accused of breaking company policy and not completing a final walkthrough of the bus.

The girl woke up in 36 degree temperatures and started to bang on the windows for help. A citizen noticed the girl and called 911. The 4-year-old was reported to be uninjured.

According to news reports, Langston admitted to not walking to the back of the bus to confirm whether or not any remaining children were on board before she disembarked. The driver no longer works for the bus company, the station reported.

If charged, the driver would supposedly face up to nine months behind bars.

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