NY Operation Safe Stop Targets Motorists, Legislation

New York held its 23rd annual Operation Stop Day in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies to target motorists across the state who illegally pass school buses.
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When Every Drop Counts

Amid budget cuts and economic uncertainties, strict management of operating costs in school districts has become increasingly important. We sat down with Bobby Hayes, domestic sales manager at OPW Fuel…
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Tenn. Bus Driver Database Bill Closer to Becoming Law

Tennessee’s House Bill 577 is one step closer to becoming law after it unanimously passed the state Senate. If enacted, the bill would require the Department of Safety to maintain a…
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School Bus to Mars? Lockheed Martin Pilots Maiden Voyage

Lockheed Martin unveiled its “one-of-a-kind” school bus that delivers students with a Mars experience as part of the aerospace company’s new “Generation Beyond” STEM program.
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Roads Leading to (or Away From) Contracted Services

Long-term relationships can come from a simple school bus ride. Students spend a lot of time with their peers, trading stories about their classes, sports victories and fun field trips.…
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Ride-Sharing Program for Kids Goes Bust

The dominance of the school bus remains unfettered. Long live the school bus. A San Francisco-based start-up that was referred to as the “Uber for kids” has stalled. The company…
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FMCSA Proposed Rule Would Ease CDL Requirements for Vets

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking comments on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would make it even easier for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to apply…
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New Jersey Lawmakers Continue Push for School Bus Safety

Following a new law that will require motion sensors be installed on all school buses to protect student pedestrians, two bills in New Jersey aim to further increase safety at…
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School Bus IQ

School district transportation departments across America will agree that priority No. 1 is student safety. This can be achieved in many ways, one of which is being tracked by the…
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California Child Check Technology Law Advances

The California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee unanimously approved SB 1072 on Tuesday by a 10-0 vote, setting the stage for school buses throughout the state being required to have…
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NSTA Calls for Annual Awards Nominations

The National School Transportation Association said the deadline is approaching to submit nominees for nine awards being given out this summer at its Annual Meeting and Convention held in Greensboro,…
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Virginia Law Approves Mailing of Illegal Passing Citations

Get caught on video illegally pass a school bus and expect a summons in the mail. This will be the reality for many Virginia motorists this summer after legislators revised…
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